Saturday, March 19, 2011

Too many pictures of Ella

I thought there would be a chance I was taking too many pictures of Ella, so I packed my camera away and go at her with my cell phone as though it were sufficient.

But then I found this blog, Enjoying the Small Things, and a woman posts photos of her children and their environment every day with what she writes about, so I thought, "Yes!"

I'm going to post a few old photos of her, but my camera is coming back out with a vengeance, baby.

It helps, too, that she's reaching an age where I don't have to hold her all the time. Even at the park she crawls around on the playground. I have to be careful big kids don't trample her, but I can do that from behind the lens, right?

Ella dressed up in a newborn size dress.

Ella's first July 4--2010.


Ella's first midterm election.

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Alana said...

GORGEOUS!!! Love those sparkling eyes.