Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Preparing for the most beautiful day of your lives!

Part of the magic of weddings is the care all those involved take to make sure every special touch is as beautiful as ever dreamed. Both the women and the men are transformed into people extraordinarily gorgeous in appearance, though we all know the beauty of their souls is what brings them into the wedding party.

While the ceremony and reception hold moments that must be captured, in my own wedding experience as well as the experience of those whose weddings I have photographed, much of the joy comes in the moments before the wedding as the preparations are being made. Later, everyone has fun remembering the flutter of pre-ceremony excitement and sees the transition into the peaceful exchange of vows and the energetic post-ceremony celebration.

Below are some pre-ceremony photographs of Arman and Mehrack's wedding:

Morning light shone on the bridesmaids as the make-up artist worked her magic.

The boys had a different experience:

The best man practiced his toast while one groomsman listened and another groomsman and his wife watched through the window.

The groom stayed cool by standing in front of the air-conditioning vent.

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