Sunday, March 04, 2007

Music.... and Photos And Art

This morning I arrived at Claire de Lune's at 5:30 a.m. to take down my art in time for the Women's History Museum to hang their displays for Women's History month and the San Diego Indie Music Festival.

The handy thing about having been in a car accident two weeks ago and having no friends or family helping me remove the work is that there was enough room in my rented Ford Escape for me to fit all the photographs and most of the paintings into one car. Justin and I used both cars to get to Claire's, as I recall.

At Claire's, Yvonne was totally surprised to see me so early--she didn't realize all this was happening today. But who realizes anything at 5:30 in the morning? Fortunately, I was able to rely on the kindness of strangers to help me remove some of the work. There was a guy there who held the ladder and also removed all the nails from the walls. Also, a customer suggested (after I had moved the ladder from one side of the shop to another without crashing into a chandelier, thank you very much; and before I was actually satisfied with the ladder's placement) that we should move some of the furniture and angle the ladder less steeply, since he'd seen people die from falling off ladders that were not properly secured.

After taking care of all of my art except for the three skinny pieces on the pillar, I was lucky enough to have time to see if the women would like me to leave anything up to brighten up their mostly black and white display's of historical text. Fortunately, they wanted the Cure nude figure and the pieces on the pillar, as well as the dancers I had completed during February--the month of my show. They liked that it brightened up the display and that it was feminist work. I like that I get more publicity and opportunity to sell.

Then I emptied the car at home and went back to North Park to finish painting the utility box. Of course, it wasn't long before I started getting hungry and hot and tired (three hours of sleep thanks to managing Jareb's performance on Friday night!) and by the time the Disconnected owner started bugging me about my painting of his logo (after I had to pick up the gross cigarette butts and box from the ground in my area--they almost all smoke) I was fuming. Plus the paint burns my eyes. So I am afraid I was a little snippy--but I think it's a terrible joke for him to ask me if he could spray paint it (because he wants it to be an ad for his store.)

I'm already angry because I see their sticker everywhere I go--on the post by my ATM on posts at the Seaport Village. They've littered San Diego with their marketing scheme. Unfortunately, I agreed to paint the logo in exchange for (three, he said) a haircut, so I felt I had to uphold my agreement. That's one of the things I'm learning--to stand my ground instead of just letting people walk all over me.

So I told him he couldn't spray paint it.

I might have used slightly different terminology.

After that, I put all the paint stuff away and rewarded myself with lunch and a day of live music--which I photographed copiously. In fact, I am sitting here waiting for the photos to download... but I'm only on 180 of 577. The cool thing is, one of the bands asked me for some photos... or at least what I was doing with them (like if I were giving them to Daniella, etc.). Since I was just taking them for myself, I gave him my card and told him to contact me for copies. He said he'd pay me for them.

Which makes me think I should ask the producers if they would like photos... or at least I should find contact information for each of the performers and ask them if they would like photos.

In any case, I built my portfolio a bit today.

And I'll share it with you later... since I have now 372 photos to go before they're all downloaded.

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