Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My art is everywhere!

OK, well three place:

Saturday I hung my art show at Claire de Lune's. Surprisingly, I was able to fill all the walls--we're talking huge walls. I didn't realize I had such a large collection of work. I'm going to need to work on finding a place for it in March, since there isn't so much wall space here in our lil apartment. I also have some of it (the flower stuff) hanging at Bee Essentials, a candle shop that is having a Valentine's Day chocolate and wine tasting party on Feb. 10. I need to check with Claire, I'd like to do a reception there too--I'll let everyone know when it is.

And of course, the outdoor weather-safe flowers are still at Espresso Garden, where even your puppy is welcome to enjoy the relaxing environment.

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