Saturday, January 13, 2007

Pet Services Offered!

Does the four-legged
love-of-your-life need:
a run?
a walk?
a feeding?
a photo shoot?
a portrait painted?
Lend me a borrow-puppy, and we can all live happily ever after. I will love your pet as if she were my own and then I will gladly return her to you, because after all, I’m just the borrow-puppy-mommy.

Acrylic portrayal of two pups: ‘Mom’ surprised ‘Dad’ wih the gift of a commissioned surreal painting of the dogs. As requested, one dog drinks from the Water Tower and then another one comes out of the blue--which is exactly how he cheerfully joined their happy family just a few weeks before the painting’s due date.

Skills abound: I will happily paint or photograph
anyone, but my caregiving specialty is dogs because I grew up with Frisker, Buffy, Muffin & Max as our beloved family pets (most of them came with their names).

Borrow Puppies!
I can help you!
Contact Olaina
at 858-361-8662
for more information.

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