Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Haven for Artists

Today I got to wake up when the was shining (actually I think there was honking or sirens), I got ready as I felt like it,and then I went to The Espresso Garden and hung out with Jeremy (The Espresso Garden co-owner) and Grace Ann (painting a beautiful mural of a Tuscan scene on the Garden wall) while I painted flowers.

Today was an easy day to be happy.

Jeremy says I have a lot of energy. It's Garden energy. I can be happy there, with no one judging me well or poor, a sweet girl painting and showing me how to achieve more depth in my own paintings, and nothing to do but say hello to people who come into the shop to relax.

Plus tomorrow I get to read to little kids there for story hour. (Thurs. 10:30)

The Espresso Garden is a haven for artists. Someone who isn't one said we were inspirational today.

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