Saturday, August 05, 2006

Two shows!

One Olaina. :)

Can you believe it? I used to have to do a show every 15 minutes--it was called teaching tenth grade honors English, and the act was two hours long. And then there was the phone act, "Yes, Mrs. So and So, Johnny is a very special student, but I do need him to turn some work in so I can be able to assess his abilities...." And the grading act (usually held at a coffee shop until they closed--which meant we'd drive from the suburbs where everything closes at 9 p.m. to Hillcrest where we would work til 11 or 12 or 1 a.m.): "Oy vey! This is crap! Justin, listen to this... " , try reading the sentence again, write a note to the student explaining what would help to improve the paper, mark the grade, record the grade, go on to the next of 200 3-5 page essays.

And now I have a photo show and an art show.

For the rest of August, you can see "This is India."
photos hanging in Heights Cafe on Park Blvd. at Adams Ave--just past the neon University Heights sign. Some of the photos will be exhibited later in Poway at the Performing Arts Center and at the Spanish Village in Balboa Park. I'll keep you posted on that!

And on your way back from eating yummy soup and salad while you're there, you can see "Blossoming..." It is a permanent exhibit of acrylic paintings on wood hanging in the most adorable and relaxing outdoor coffee shop known to man. The paintings are at The Espresso Garden, which is a new business run by Jeremy and Darren, the nicest coffee guys you'll ever meet. I know I'm writing in .... what's that word for extremes? .... but it's really true. They are very kind and sincere, their coffee is super yummy, there is a fountain in the middle of the garden, and puppies are welcome. Plus they have free wireless internet and a bench swing. What more could you want from a coffee shop? It's at 4121 Park Blvd., right by Frock You at Polk Blvd. just down the block from Henry's Marketplace. I hope to see you there! (They even let me water the plants. It's very therapuetic and is like having borrow babies--I play, and then I give them back to their real owners and I am fulfilled.)

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